Kaduna state government is partnership with Enhancing Nigerian Advocacy for a Better Business Environment (ENABLE2) to standardize measuring bowls popularly known as mudus in markets across the state.

Speaking at a stakeholders meeting on introduction of standardized weights and measures yesterday in Kaduna, the Permanent Secretary, Kaduna state Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism, Aisha Mohammed said when the mudu is standardized, individuals will get goods worth the amount of money they are paying.

She frowned at how some traders defraud individuals by puncturing holes or adding surfaces in their mudus thereby selling less to individuals who pay more for the food items.

Represented by the Director of Industries, Musa Jibril, the PS said the initiative is a contribution from ENABLE2.

She added, “ENABLE2 felt the issue has to have a bases and that bases has to do with going to the market to see that we have a unified measuring bowl because there isn’t one, you will find out that there are a lot of variances and these variances need to be harmonized and that is why we are here, to have a unified standard measuring bowl that will cut across the entire state of Kaduna.”

He informed that the aim is not just to have the measuring bowl harmonized, but to change the mindset of Nigerian’s that standards need to be followed before achievement can be attained which will come as a measuring standards.

Asked if the abolition of marketing boards caused the infiltration of different types of measuring bowls in to the markets, he said, “The abolition of marketing boards has given a gap and that gap has been widened, so eventually, we want to bridge the gap and in the absence of the marketing boards, the next stage is to have an enforcement of standardized mudus in our markets.”

State Coordinator ENABLE2, Mailafia Mada said, “A survey was conducted in markets across the state and it was realized that different types and sizes of measuring bowls were being used to measure food its some of which have been tampered with meaning individuals are not getting the right quantity of what they are buying.”

He added that, “The government seeks to harmonise an indigenous measuring bowl just like what Jigawa state has done so that when anyone goes to any market across the state, a uniformed type and size of measuring bowl will be used in order to promote trade and ensure the customer is getting his money’s worth.”

He called on traders to run their business with the fear of God saying, “If we run our businesses by doing the right thing, God will also bless and business and more profit can be made.”

The Acting Chairman, Kaduna Market Association, Alhaji Muhammad Alhassan said the move is a welcome development and called on the government to vigorously monitor the implementation if not, the whole aim will be defeated.

Present at the meeting was the representative of the state government, ENABLE2, Ministry of Justice, Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI), Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), market leaders and traditional leaders.

Credit: DailyTrust